Browser Support

  • What browser is recommended for viewing this site?
    • This site is, and will continue to be, optimized for the most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari browsers, albeit you might notice slight differences depending on what browser you use.
    • This site is not optimized for outdated versions or beta versions of said browsers. If you use an outdated version of your browser, please update to the most recent version.
  • What about Internet Explorer?
    • I cannot recommend viewing this site in Internet Explorer. While many arguments against the use of Internet Explorer might be outdated and no longer true, the IE still lacks many features of CSS, such as a proper way of including text shadows.
    • That being said, you can still view this site in IE if you wish to do so. Just remember that it will look subpar to viewing the same page in a recommended browser.
    • I will try to optimize this site as much as possible for IE users so if you view this site in IE, always update to the latest version. Hopefully, the IE will one day support the same features of CSS that other mayor browsers already do.
  • I want to read The Falken Courier on a mobile device.
    • And you can! The site isn’t optimized for mobile devices so some things might look different or be difficult to pull off, but you will be able to read each and every article on your mobile device.
    • However, keep in mind that, unless you have the New Krytan Classic font (.ttf file) installed on your mobile device, you will not be able to switch to Krytan (or rather: you will be able to switch, but it will still be displayed in the same font since New Krytan Classic isn’t installed).
  • Font

  • What are these weird characters/symbols on this site?
    • The Falken Courier is a fictional newspaper from Lions Arch in the fictional universe of Guild Wars 2, where people write in an alphabet called New Krytan.
    • This site uses New Krytan Classic, a font that imitates the font used in-game for text displayed on objects such as signs.
    • Using the button in the sidebar, you can switch between New Krytan and more usual fonts, such as Georgia.
    • If the sidebar isn’t displayed on a page, you will only be able to view it in usual fonts.
  • What are you talking about? I can only see usual western letters.
    • You probably either use a mobile device or don’t have the font mentioned above installed on your computer.
  • Where can I get that font so that this site displays correctly?
    • The font used on this site, New Krytan Classic, can be found on this wiki talk page. There is also another font available, New Krytan Caligraphy, but it is not used here.
    • To install a font from a .ttf file, right-click or open it and select “Install”.
  • I use a mobile device (e.g. a cellphone) to view this site. Is there any way to have the site displayed properly and in New Krytan?
    • Unfortunately no, unless your mobile device allows you to install .ttf fonts. If it does, install the font just like you would do on a computer and you should be fine.
  • Commenting

  • What requirements do I need to meet in order to post a comment on this site?
    • None! Unless you did something bad and are on the black list, you are free to post your comment. You don’t even need to create a WordPress.com account first.
  • In what languages may I comment?
    • The Falken Courier aims at a global audience and is written in English, so it would be appreciated if you commented in a proper English.
    • However, the author of this site also speaks, reads, and writes German (even as a native speaker!), so you may also comment in German if you don’t think you can express yourself in English.
    • As I am unable to read or respond in other languages than the ones mentioned above, posts in other languages will be either ignored or deleted
  • Are there any additional rules about comments?
    • Well, you should obviously behave yourself. Offensive language, insults, discrimination and other kinds of bad behaviour are to be avoided.
    • Also, this blog usually addresses the people of Tyria, such as your characters inside the game, and not the player in front of the screen. It would be appreciated if you could comment from the sight of a person living in the fictional world of Tyria, but this is optional as it might not always be an easy task for everyone to perform.

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