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Toys for the mighty

The third day of Toymaker Tixx’s journey comes to an end, and so does his stay at the Black Citadel. About two hours from now, he will be leaving charr territory and travel towards Hoelbrak, where he will stay for another day. If you haven’t received your Toy Soldier Frame, you should hurry up since … Continue reading

The Toymaker and the Princess

The second day of Toymaker Tixx’s journey has arrived and this time, he stopped in the human city Divinity’s Reach. Just as yesterday, you can visit Tixx’s Infinirarium, jump across the Winter Wonderland, fight for the gift in Snowball Mayhem, or improve your bell-playing skills in Bell Choir. However, this time in Tixx’s Infinirarium, you … Continue reading

Wintersday in the Grove

Wintersday has finally arrived in Tyria. Yesterday, Toymaker Tixx arrived at his first destination in the Grove. His giant golem airship is currently hovering above the Pale Tree and a portal has been set up inside the Grove, near Caledon Waypoint, that connects to Tixx’s Infinirarium. But due to technical difficulties and skritt thieves, visiting … Continue reading

Wintersday is coming

Once every year, in the coldest of seasons, there is a festival that is celebrated amongst the citizens of Tyria like no other. Wintersday, they call it, and Winter’s day brings great gifts. The Colossus is coming to an end; a new year is soon to begin and the Zephyr is calling. On Wintersday, the … Continue reading