Recommended Sites

The pages below are listed in no particular order other than the categories stated above them.
If your site appears somewhere further down the list, that does not mean that it’s considered less informative or interesting than other sites.

Guild Wars (2) related:

  • Nerdy Bookahs
    A pretty interesting blog about Guild Wars 2 featuring FAQs, reviews, screenshots, articles about game mechanics, and Bookahneer’s Geekwatch.
    Blog is in English, but you may comment in German, too.
  • Hunter’s Insight
    Interesting blog about Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. Contains a guide to 30 points in your Guild Wars Hall of Monuments (HoM) and intel about jumping puzzles in Guild Wars 2.
    A German-speaking fansite and forum about Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. Guild Wars Community (abbreviated as GWCom) is the successor to the famous Guild Wars Elite Fansite GW-Tactics.
    A small, but growing, German-speaking fansite and forum about Guild Wars 2.
  • WoodenPotatoes
    The single most informative YouTube account when it comes to Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2, especially lore. Makes the best GW-related videos you can find out there, period.
  • Dontain
    Aand get crit! Former World of Warcraft player who now makes awesome videos about Guild Wars 2, usually explaining game mechanics or ways to play better.
    Sometimes also makes videos about other, less interesting, stuff.


  • Capitalization of Fantasy Races
    Basically: If, and only if, a race’s name comes from a proper noun, it should be capitalized.
    Examples: Krytan (from: Kryta), human, charr, Tyrian (from: Tyria), Earthling (from: Earth)
  • Omniglot
    About writing systems, languages, and pronounciations (in IPA).
  • IPA
    The International Phoenetic Alphabet on Wikipedia.
    Helps if you are using names from other cultures.
  • GW2 Character Naming Resources
    About naming conventions used for the different races in Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. Includes non-playable races such as the Titans or Hylek.
  • Behind the Name
    Huge database of names from different cultures and languages. Includes meanings, pronounciation, and related names.
  • TVTropes
    About tropes used in all kinds of media. Warning: may result in loss of time and productivity.

Other interesting sites:

    A really helpful site for anyone that is interested in CSS. Especially great for users who can’t use JavaScript (there are some workarounds explained in detail).
  • Majora
    A site about a work-in-process opera about the amazing Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. If you liked the game, you have to check this out! If you didn’t then I don’t know what’s wrong with you (unless you didn’t play it, then I feel sorry for you).

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