Blog & Staff

The Blog

The Falken Courier is a blog hosted at
The blog was first opened to public in August 2012, only little time before the launch of Guild Wars 2.
In February 2013, the Falken Courier not only got a new design, but also began serializing The Book of Legend and Beyond the Legend.

The Staff

The Falken CourierThe Book of Legend, and Beyond the Legend all are written by regendo, aka. bStefan.
Furthermore, all releases of The Book of Legend and Beyond the Legend are proof-read by Hannes VanDer Werft prior to being published to ensure the highest standard of quality.

The Game

Guild Wars 2 is a MMORPG from developer studio ArenaNet, published by NCSoft West, and released on August 28th 2012.
The game features five playable races, all of which have access to all eight playable professions (classes), an open world, a personal story, regular PvE content updates, PvP arenas, and large-scale PvP maps.
It has no subscription fee, so if you haven’t tried it out yet, just spend a few bucks on either a boxed or a digital version of the game and play it; you will never be forced to pay any additional money.


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