The Falken Courier is a newspaper company located in the Free City of Lion’s Arch. The identically named newspaper stated being published online in 1325 AE and currently is available in most regions of the Tyrian continent. The Falken Courier is reporting about important or peculiar events all over the continent.

Additionally, there are two stories serialized in the Falken Courier. The first is The Book of Legend, which begins over two-hundred-fifty years ago and tells of the events that occurred at that time. The Book of Legend is based on historical documents and personal records, combined with a grain of fiction to provide a more interesting reading experience.

The second story is Beyond the Legend, which tells of recent developments in Tyria and will eventually catch up with today’s events. There is a connection between these stories, which is the cause for the second story’s name, but the nature of this connection has not been revealed yet.


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