The Fighting Continues

The Book of Legend
Act One: Charr’d Earth
Chapter Seven: Inside the Old Capital
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Ever asked yourself how to attack from a ranged position as a hammer warrior? Well, the method shown in this chapter certainly seems viable.
There is only one word of Gibberish in this chapter. One word, or rather command, the necromancer says to the charr. This word cannot be translated properly, but it’s basically an old-fashioned, rude way of saying “Die!”. Well, that the charr certainly did.

Only a single one of the old chapters remains! It will be released on Saturday. After that, we will advance to the schedule that was planned all along:
Once every weekend, a new chapter will be released. Every even week, it’s going to be a chapter of the Book of Legend, and every odd week, a chapter of Beyond the Legend. Which means that the next chapter Book of Legend after Saturday’s chapter will be released two weeks from now.


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