The Book of Legend
Act One: Charr’d Earth
Chapter Six: After the Battle
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Originally, this was one much longer chapter. For this re-release, it has been split into two separate parts. The action is in the next one.

Also, there will be a delay with the next chapter of Beyond the Legend. It is very unfortunately that this must happen, but there is no other way. Beyond the Legend’s chapter 3 will be released three days late. The widget in the sidebar has been updated to show the correct date.

Finally, here is the translation of “Towards the City of Drascir”‘s Gibberish. It rhymes in the original, untranslated version.

Bones, O bones,
already smelled death once,
but now I shall give new life to you;
so that from now on, you shall follow
mine order; I’ll rely on that.


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