Initializing Beyond the Legend

Beyond the Legend
Nightmare story arc
Chapter One: The Newborn
(next chapter)

About Beyond the Legend:

This is the second story that will be released in the Falken Courier. While the Book of Legend has a very strict structure, with acts, sub-acts, and finally chapters, Beyond the Legend is simply structured into different story-arcs, the first one being Nightmare.

In this first arc, the story follows the sylvari Caoimhe and CorraidhĂ­n in their first years on Tyria, beginning in 1323 AE. As the story arc’s title implies, this will be no idyllic journey; the route that lays before them will lead to many challenges, many hardships to overcome.

Eventually, Beyond the Legend will catch up with current events that are happening in our lands.

We hope that you will all enjoy reading Beyond the Legend. If you do, please remember to leave a comment below. And if you don’t, absolutely tell us why so that maybe, we can learn from our mistakes and improve future content.


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