Posted in January 2013

Plans for the year

There can be no doubt that the new year will bring many changes to the world. Some of these affect the Falken Courier. The following is a list of what is planned for this year: Stories of times long forgotten:Before the Falken Courier moved to the web, we serialized “The Book of Legend”, a story … Continue reading


The Falken in the Web – Retrospective part 2

A new year! Be welcomed, Zephyr, and guide us towards a glorious future. The year has passed. Now, on the eve on the first day, we are back for the second part of last year’s retrospective.


The Falken in the Web – Retrospective part 1

Once again, a year passes by. As you read this, the Colossus has already given in and the Zephyr takes us into a new year, and hopefully towards a bright future. Nobody knows what the future will bring, so why not look back and remember what this year brought? Advertisements