Posted in November 2012

Wintersday is coming

Once every year, in the coldest of seasons, there is a festival that is celebrated amongst the citizens of Tyria like no other. Wintersday, they call it, and Winter’s day brings great gifts. The Colossus is coming to an end; a new year is soon to begin and the Zephyr is calling. On Wintersday, the … Continue reading

Defend Lion’s Arch

Two days ago, a monstrous species from the depths of the sea overtook a beautiful island at the edge of the Sea of Sorrows. On this island, the Consortium’s vacation spot “Southsun Cove” was scheduled to be opened to public later this week but is now destroyed. These monsters – the karka, as biologists call … Continue reading

The Danger from the Depths

Once again, mysterious events are occurring near the city of Lion’s Arch. Two days ago, dead whales were washed ashore near Sanctum Harbor. Lion’s Arch authorities began investigating asap and have since discovered an unusual activity of flesh-eating swarms in the Sea of Sorrows. These swarms have only recently began to grow in number exponentially … Continue reading