Posted in October 2012

The Mad King Returns!

This is an emergency warning. Originally, we planned to release the third part of our report on this year’s Mad King’s Day today, but recent events led us to postpone this coverage. The article originally planned for today will be published once things have calmed down a bit. About one and a half hours ago, … Continue reading

Return of the Candy Corn

As promised, this is our update on the Mad King’s Week. Strange things have occurred in Tyria since the start of the event. All over the world, there have been sightings of haunted doors appearing out of nowhere. Adventurers that were brave enough to open these frightening doors have reported that strange creatures – skeletons, … Continue reading

Mad King’s Week

Most readers probably already know about this, but this article is for those who don’t, especially for those adventurers that only recently arrived in Tyria, and those who are interested in learing more. Mad King’s Day is finally here. This popular holiday event is celebrated once a year for about one and a half weeks … Continue reading