Posted in August 2012

Sudden increase in Tyrian population

We have just received word from reliable sources that, in every of the five races’ capitals, a sudden and mayor increase in population has been recorded. Hundreds, maybe even thousands, of asura, charr, norn, and humans have suddenly appeared on Tyria and the Pale Tree is blossoming sylvari at an unprecedented rate. We do not … Continue reading

The Newborn

The sun was low above the Grove when the golden petal moved. One of the bigger pods hanging from the pale tree descended and slowly opened, then a thin figure stepped out of it. She was human in shape, but was no mammal. Slowly, the plant began to move. She was sylvari. Twenty-One years ago, … Continue reading

The Falken Courier rises to new heights

Dear people of Tyria. The Falken Courier is a Tyrian newspaper company located in the Free City of Lion’s Arch that has dedicated itself to report about interesting or peculiar events happening all over the Tyrian continent. Until now, we have only sold physical issues of our newspaper on a local level. But now, the … Continue reading